In today’s digital age, social media, along with technology is already fast becoming an important part of our lives. As such, staying connected has never been this easier.

While young people are fully embracing these tools, seniors may be left behind. However, there is no age limit to the benefits of using technology and social media, especially when it comes to connecting with loved ones, staying engaged with others, and even exploring new interests.

Check out some effective strategies that can help your aging family members stay connected through the power of technology and social media.

Understanding the Benefits

It is important to educate your senior loved ones first about technology’s numerous benefits. Show them how it can improve their quality of life, such as showing them that video calls can provide entertainment and even bring them closer to distant relatives. Pique their interest by emphasizing these positives.

Being Patient and Empathetic

Your aging loved ones might have not grown up with the current technological advancements. So, you need to be patient when introducing social media to them. Start with the basics, for example, turning their cellphones on, or navigating the home screen. Match their pace when guiding them to help build their confidence.

Choosing Senior-Friendly Apps or Gadgets

Smartphones or tablets with larger screens can be more visually helpful to seniors. Apps with interfaces that are easily navigable such as Facebook can also be great options. Bottomline is, not all apps and gadgets out there are user-friendly for aging family members. Think of them when choosing such apps and gadgets.

Promoting Social Media for Connection

Social media is a helpful and powerful tool for your aging family members to reconnect with old friends, stay updated on family members, and even meet new people. Help them in setting up their profiles, such as on Facebook or Instagram. Then, teach them how to find and connect with their family members and friends. They will be able to enjoy these platforms better when they can get positive social interactions when using them.

Regular Practice and Constant Support

Most seniors often learn better through hands-on experiences. Don’t hesitate to spend enough time teaching them how to do certain tasks, like sending DMs, or even browsing the Internet for information they need. Furthermore, direct them to online tutorials and resources that they can watch in their free time. Of course, encourage them to practice and do these tasks regularly so they can remember the steps well. Support them and let them know that it’s okay to make mistakes, if they do. Answer their questions clearly and patiently.


Today’s world is advancing quickly in terms of technology. But you can do your part in making sure that your senior family members are not left behind. Help them understand how these digital means can help them stay connected to their loved ones and the world around them.

At Alpha Healthcare, we believe in holistic well-being for seniors and we understand that embracing technology is one of the steps towards achieving that. If you need further care for your aging loved ones, give us a call.